Ответ немного личный, но я не могу удержаться и не поделиться с вами восторгом. Вот так нужно отвечать клиентам, чтобы их завоевать. Заодно будет небольшая реклама магазину японского чая и утвари Everyone’s Tea. Я покупаю в нём в первый раз, и что-то мне подсказывает, что это только начало.

Hello Oleg Serdyukov-san,

How are you doing? I am Kohei at Everyone’s Tea. Thank you very much for your order. We have also confirmed your payment. It was sincerely appreciated.

Today is a national holiday in Japan and the post office is closed. So, we are going to arrange your shipping tomorrow. I am going to mail you again once we dispatch the package. Thank you for shopping with us!

It is a beautiful autumn day here. The colorful roadside trees draw my attention when I’m driving in the town. It is the season to enjoy hot tea. I hope you enjoy your autumn in Ukraine and have a nice day!

Thanks and regards,
Kohei Yamamoto
Everyone’s Tea

И ответ на мой ответ

Hello, Oleg-san,

Thank you for your response. I’m glad that you enjoyed my video!

I’m pleased to inform you that we shipped your order today by airmail through Japan Post. It will arrive in around two weeks. 

I’m writing a blog, Tales of Japanese Tea (http://everyonestea.blogspot.com/). I will be honored if you visit the website. Thank you again for your order, and I hope we can be of service in the future. Hope all is well with you.